Erika Woodland

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Alimentary carbohydrate overload is a significant cause of laminitis in horses and is correlated with drastic shifts in the composition of hindgut microbiota. Equine hindgut streptococcal species (EHSS), predominantly Streptococcus lutetiensis, have been shown to be the most common microorganisms culturable from the equine caecum prior to the onset of(More)
The ratio of aldosterone to renin in plasma was measured in samples collected from 79 hypertensive patients. Eighteen patients with primary aldosteronism had ratios ranging from 25 to 677 (mean 183) when measured on 34 occasions, while 16 normal subjects had ratios of 3.3-21 (mean 11.3). Of the remaining 61 patients with ratios ranging from 1.8 to 184, 15(More)
A 3.0-kilobase-pair Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) DNA segment necessary for lymphocyte immortalization encodes at least part of a nuclear protein (EBNA2) which is characteristically expressed in latently infected, immortalized cells. A 1.5-kilobase open reading frame within this DNA segment has now been inserted into a murine leukemia virus (MuLV)-derived(More)
The work hardening characteristics several casting alloys were determined from true stress-true strain data. A regression technique was used to fit the data to linear or nonlinear mathematical expressions. Manipulation of the expressions made it possible to calculate the work necessary to deform the alloys. Several nonprecious alloys proved to be as easy to(More)
It has proven possible to express the true stress-true strain behavior of dental casting alloys by means of a general equation with empirically determined constants. It was also found that the appropriate strain hardening equation for the precious alloys used in this investigation was an exponential function. Integration of the equations, using individually(More)
Two males with glucocorticoid-suppressible hyperaldosteronism had hyperaldosteronism, hypertension and hypokalaemia corrected by continuous administration of physiological doses of dexamethasone for more than a year. During long-term dexamethasone treatment: (a) Plasma renin activity increased from subnormal to high normal levels, with normal(More)
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