Erika Tominaga

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The monoclonal antibody ONS-M21 recognizes an antigen found on the surface of glioma and medulloblastoma cells but does not react with the antigens of normal brain tissue. We purified and identified the 140-kDa protein by means of an antibody-binding affinity column. This 140-kDa antigen has sequences homologous to the amino-terminal region and five parts(More)
Nifedipine is unstable under light and decomposes to a stable nitroso analog, nitrosonifedipine (NO-NIF). The ability of NO-NIF to block calcium channels is quite weak compared with that of nifedipine. Recently, we have demonstrated that NO-NIF reacts with unsaturated fatty acid leading to generate NO-NIF radical, which acquires radical scavenging activity.(More)
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