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We examined wiki use in a range of enterprise settings. We found many thriving wikis, but they were a minority of the thousands for which we obtained data. Even an actively used wiki can disappoint some important stakeholders. Careful stakeholder analysis and education may be crucial to successful wiki deployment. We identify a range of success factors,(More)
As computing migrates from the workplace to the home, householders must tackle problems of home network maintenance. Often they lack the technical knowledge or motivation to complete these tasks, making the user experience of home network maintenance frustrating. In response to these difficulties, many householders rely on handwritten reminders or(More)
The Value Sensitive Design (VSD) methodology provides a comprehensive framework for advancing a value-centered research and design agenda. Although VSD provides helpful ways of thinking about and designing value-centered computational systems, we argue that the specific mechanics of VSD create thorny tensions with respect to value sensitivity. In(More)
Prior research suggests that people may ask their family and friends for computer help. But what influences whether and how a "helper" will provide help? To answer this question, we conducted a qualitative investigation of people who participated in computer support activities with family and friends in the past year. We describe how factors including(More)
Householders are increasingly adopting home networking as a solution to the demands created by the presence of multiple computers, devices, and the desire to access the Internet. However, current network solutions are derived from the world of work (and initially the military) and provide poor support for the needs of the home. We present the key findings(More)
We analyze help-seeking strategies in two large tech support boards and observe a number of previously unreported differences between tech support boards and other types of online communities. Tech support boards are organized around technical topics and consumer products, yet the types of help people seek online are often grounded in deeply personal(More)
P ervasive computing designers and researchers often create services and applications to help people record their experiences. At the same time, cheap, small, and easy-to-deploy recording technologies are quickly emerging throughout public spaces. In many ways, these technologies are pervasive computing realized. Understanding how people deal with audio and(More)