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The Four Leaf Water Clover (Marsilea Quadrifolia L.) an Endangered Species. Aspects of Conservation and Management
Abstract The European species of the genus Marsilea are presented, with special regard to Four leaf water clover Marsilea quadrifolia L., the single species occurring in Central Europe. Based onExpand
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Habitats with Sea Grape (Ephedra distachya) on the Dunes of Letea (Danube Delta, Romania)
Abstract The Danube Delta is known for its unique, biogeographical-important ecosystem complex that includes a large range of habitats from the permanently water-covered to the extremely dry area.Expand
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Comparative Study Of Alluvial Cnidion-Type Meadows In The Lower Danube River Basin
Abstract Alluvial Cnidion-type meadows (Habitat type 6440 of the Habitats Directive), mostly characteristic for the lower courses of large rivers in continental climate conditions of Europe areExpand
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The Habitats Along the Upper Danube in Germany and Changes to Them Induced by Human Impacts
The Upper Danube extends from its two main source rivers, the Breg (45.6 km long) and Brigach (40.2 km long) in the Black Forest (Schwarzwald) to the gap called the Devin Gate or Porta HungaricaExpand
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Habitats with Large Bitter Cress (Cardamine amara L.) in the Spring Area of Nera River (Semenic Mountains, Romania)
Abstract The paper presents the spring habitats and their communities edified by the Large Bitter Cress (Cardamine amara L.) in the area of Nergăniţa, a headwater stream of the Nera River included inExpand
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Particularities of Grey Alder (Alnus incana) Stands in Riparian Galleries Along Streams of the Southern Transylvanian Tableland (Romania)
Abstract Grey Alder (Alnus incana (L.) Moench.) stands are distributed in the Carpathian area on alluvial deposits with sediments of different grain size as galleries along rivers and streams of theExpand
Improvement of lateral connectivity in a sector of River Hârtibaciu (Olt/Danube Basin)
Abstract The Hârtibaciu River in the Alţâna area has a disturbed lateral connectivity owing to its lateral embankments, as a result of which fish communities in this river sector are negativelyExpand
Aquatic Macrophyte Communities of the Gorgova-Isac-Uzlina Area (Danube Delta, Romania)
Abstract With its diversity of water body types, the Danube Delta offers large possibilities for studies of aquatic macrophytes, their ecological requirements, ecological amplitude and communities.Expand
Phytogeographical Importance of the Mountains along the Danube Mountain Gap Valley and Surrounding Area
Abstract The Danube mountain gap valley between Romania and Serbia is known for its high biodiversity, represented by many xero-thermophilous species, phytocoenoses and habitats of Southern origin.Expand