Erika Santin

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BACKGROUND The optimal time at rest before clinic blood pressure (BP) measurement is still undefined. In this study in patients with essential hypertension, the time course of the hemodynamic changes during a 16-min rest in the chair-seated position was evaluated and compared with that observed in a stabilized postural condition, such as after a prolonged(More)
BACKGROUND In clinical practice, blood pressure (BP) is frequently measured at the end of the visit in patients sitting on one side of the bed and not on a chair according to guidelines. METHODS In 540 consecutive subjects with essential hypertension (EH) attending a hospital outpatient clinic, BP was measured in the following sequence: 1) patient seated(More)
BACKGROUND Platelets play a central role in atherothrombosis, which is responsible of major cardiovascular complications in human hypertension. Nitric oxide (NO) inhibits platelet aggregation via the second messenger cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP). In essential hypertensives (EHs), we examined the relationship between platelet cGMP and clinical,(More)
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