Erika S. Poole

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BACKGROUND The prenatal care visit structure has changed little over the past century despite the rapid evolution of technology including Internet and mobile phones. Little is known about how pregnant women engage with technologies and the interface between these tools and medical care, especially for women of lower socioeconomic status. OBJECTIVE We(More)
Abstract What is the role of CSCW as methodology and epistemology in the development of interactive technology for Proactive Health? Does CSCW have a particular research contribution to make to the critical and timely development of re-designing our cultures to support health as a social good rather than as a medical condition? This workshop proposes to(More)
This paper presents the results of an ongoing study into the potential role of mobile or wireless health applications for targeting the prevention of excessive gestational weight gain in pregnant lower-income American women. Informed by a qualitative study of pregnant women's experiences, we develop a set of design requirements for designing mobile health(More)
BACKGROUND There is increasing interest in the use of online forums as a component of eHealth weight loss interventions. Although the research is mixed on the utility of online forums in general, results suggest that there is promise to this, particularly if the systems can be designed well to support healthful interactions that foster weight loss and(More)
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