Erika Martinez-Cordero

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The prevalence of obesity in Mexico is the highest in the world, with almost 70% of adults being classified as overweight or obese. The increased prevalence of obesity in Mexico, and globally, may be related to the changing food environment, providing increased access to highly palatable, but obesogenic, food products. One potential mechanism for this(More)
INTRODUCTION malnutrition in hospital associates with complications such a high rates of infections, increased length of stay, and increased economic costs. Hospitals require applying a simple and reliable tool for detection of nutritional risk. OBJECTIVE to evaluate the agreement between a screening tool used in a hospital and both MUST and SGA tools to(More)
In response to Dr. Homasson, my comments are as follows: 1) Mv paper is about a personal experience with laser bronchoscopy Ofll\ 2) In the introductii)n, I mentioned a statenient by Dr. Shapshav drawn from reference 1 of my paper. 3) I have flO personal experience with that technique and therefore I am unable to judge Dr. Honiasson’s letter. I think Dr.(More)
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