Erika Martínez-Mirón

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This paper presents the results of a usability evaluation of the NeuroSky’s MindBuilder –EM (MB). Until recently most Brain Computer Interfaces (BCI) have been designed for clinical and research purposes partly due to their size and complexity. However, a new generation of consumeroriented BCI has appeared for the video game industry. The MB, a headset with(More)
This paper describes a Conceptual Framework underpinning “Systems that Care” in terms of educational systems that take account of motivation, metacognition and affect, in addition to cognition. The main focus is on motivation, as learning requires the student to put in effort and be engaged, in other words to be motivated to learn. But motivation is not the(More)
Motivationally intelligent systems deploy resources and tactics dynamically to maintain or increase the student’s desire to learn and her willingness to expend effort in so doing. Three categories of diagnostic inputs and feedback reactions are outlined each with its associated meta-level. The meta-level includes the account which learners tell themselves,(More)
Part of the motivation behind the evolution of learning environments is the idea of providing students with individualized instructional strategies that allow them to learn as much as possible. It has been suggested that the goals an individual holds create a framework or orientation from which they react and respond to events. There is a large(More)
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