Erika Carnevale

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We performed serial cranial ultrasonography in four newborns affected by maple syrup urine disease. Symmetric increase of echogenicity of periventricular white matter, basal ganglia (mainly pallidi), and thalami was detected in the acute stage. The degree of ultrasonography abnormalities paralleled the clinical course of the disease.
The current concerns on global energy security, climate change, and environmental pollution represent some of the major elements of the growing interest on renewable energy. In this framework agro-food energy systems are at the center of a twofold debate: on the one hand they represent a key option for energy production while on the other their(More)
The main micro-organisms able to interfere with the reproductive function have been considered. In particular, the problems concerning the vaginal environment and its interactions with spermatozoa, immunological aspects and contraception. Lastly, reference has been made to methods of prevention and study in the field of diagnostics and of clinical(More)
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