Erika Buvat

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We studied the production of anti parasite antibodies and the resistance against A. lumbricoides infection among the school population of three different Venezuelan ethnic groups: Warao Amerindians, Afro- Americans and white 'Creole' descendents. The prevalence and intensity of A. lumbricoides were determined before and after 1 year of anthelminthic(More)
We evaluated the effect of Ascaris lumbricoides on Giardia duodenalis infection and TH1/TH2 type immune mechanisms toward this parasite in 251 rural parasitized and 70 urban non-parasitized school children. The children were classified according to light (0-5000 eggs/g faeces) or moderate (>5001-50,000 eggs/g faeces) A. lumbricoides infection. Anti G.(More)
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