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Low-Temperature Dynamics of Chain-Labeled Lipids in Ester- and Ether-Linked Phosphatidylcholine Membranes.
The librational oscillations and the glass-like behavior in bilayer and interdigitated lipid membranes are highlighted and the temperature dependence resembles that of the mean-square atomic displacement revealed by neutron scattering. Expand
Association of ibuprofen at the polar/apolar interface of lipid membranes.
The overall results reveal that ibuprofen affects a number of key molecular properties of DMPC bilayers by binding through non-specific interactions at the polar/apolar interface. Expand
Interdigitated lamellar phases in the frozen state: Spin-label CW- and FT-EPR.
The findings of the present work obtained at cryogenic temperatures point out dynamic and molecular properties of interdigitated lamellae that contribute to the biophysical characterization of membrane model systems. Expand
Solvent accessibility in interdigitated and micellar phases formed by DPPC/Lyso-PPC mixtures: D2O-ESEEM of chain labeled lipids.
Electron spin echo envelope modulation (ESEEM) spectroscopy was used to investigate binary mixtures of single-chain micelle-forming lipids and diacyl bilayer-forming lipids dispersed in D2O at 77 K.Expand
Unsaturated lipid bilayers at cryogenic temperature: librational dynamics of chain-labeled lipids from pulsed and CW-EPR.
Biophysical properties of unsaturated bilayers in the frozen state are highlighted, including a detailed characterization of segmental chain dynamics and the evidence of a dynamical transition that appears to be a generic feature in hydrated macromolecular systems. Expand
Geometry and water accessibility of the inhibitor binding site of Na+-pump: pulse- and CW-EPR study.
D2O-electron spin echo envelope modulation in pulse-EPR measurements revealed high water accessibilities and similar polarity profiles for all bound spin labels implying that the vestibule leading to steroid-binding site and cation-binding sites is relatively wide and water-filled. Expand
Cryogenically frozen PEGylated liposomes and micelles: Water penetration and polarity profiles.
The results at cryogenic temperature add new insights into the biophysico-chemical characterization of PEGylated lipid dispersions. Expand
Binding of warfarin differently affects the thermal behavior and chain packing of anionic, zwitterionic and cationic lipid membranes.
The overall results provide an outline of the action of warfarin on membranes formed by lipids of different types and affect the segmental chain order and dynamics for temperatures in the fluid phase. Expand