Erik van der Giessen

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Numerical simulations are reported for the response of three-dimensional cross-linked F-actin networks when subjected to large deformations. In addition to the physiological parameters such as actin and cross-linker concentration, the model explicitly accounts for filament properties and network architecture. Complementary to two-dimensional studies, we(More)
The present paper summarIzes several re:>uirs on compression fracture and its scaling re-ct'fltiy obtailled at \'orthwestern liniver:>ity They deal with tht' devdopment of approxi-lllate asymptotic formulas for the nominal :'trength of quasibrittle structUl'es, and focuses 011 concrete and fiber composites. One approach exploits the approximate method of(More)
Molecular transport across the nuclear envelope in eukaryotic cells is solely controlled by the nuclear pore complex (NPC). The NPC provides two types of nucleocytoplasmic transport: passive diffusion of small molecules and active chaperon-mediated translocation of large molecules. It has been shown that the interaction between intrinsically disordered(More)
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