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Entity recognition does not ask whether the message is from some entity X, just whether a message is from the same entity as a previous message. This turns turns out to be very useful for low-end devices. The current paper proposes a new protocol – the " Jane Doe Protocol " –, and provides a formal proof of its concrete security. The protocol neither(More)
The stream cipher Rabbit was first presented at FSE 2003 [6]. In the paper at hand, a full security analysis of Rabbit is given, focusing on algebraic attacks, approximations and differential analysis. We determine the algebraic normal form of the main nonlinear parts of the cipher as part of a comprehensive algebraic analysis. In addition, both linear and(More)
At CHES 2010, the new block cipher PRINTcipher was presented as a lightweight encryption solution for printable circuits [15]. The best attack to date is a differential attack [1] that breaks less than half of the rounds. In this paper, we will present a new attack called invariant subspace attack that breaks the full cipher for a significant fraction of(More)
  • Martin Boesgaard, Mette Vesterager, Thomas Christensen, Erik Zenner
  • 2005
1 This is version 1.1 of the cipher specification as submitted to the eStream project. The only changes in comparison to version 1.0 are some additions to section 7 on computational efficiency and a new appendix A, which describes an 80-bit key setup.