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The denaturation temperature (T(d)) of dentin collagen in mineralized versus demineralized teeth was examined as a function of dentin age and the extent of dehydration. Using differential scanning calorimetry, T(d) of mineralized dentin was shown to be between 160 degrees C to 186 degrees C, depending on whether it was from young or old dentin that was(More)
OBJECTIVES To measure the denaturation temperature (Td) of demineralised dentine matrix as a function of infiltration with water vs. polar solvents vs. adhesive resins. METHODS Small discs of normal dentine were completely demineralised in 0.5M EDTA. Dried demineralised specimens were placed in water, methanol, ethanol, acetone, eta-butanol or HEMA.(More)
Pantrak E.K. (endpoint and kinetic) Amylase reagent (Calbiochem-Behring) is the first commercially available alpha-amylase reagent in which p-nitrophenyl-d-glycosides are used as the substrate. We describe the effect of reagent composition on reagent performance. The reagent performance compares well with that of Amylochrome reagent (Hoffmann-La Roche), Du(More)
Oviducal fluid has a major role in the maturation of gametes and the process of fertilization. The objective of this study was to determine the effects of oviducal fluid supplementation in vitro, during oocyte maturation and IVF on fertilization characteristics and early embryonic development rates. Oocytes from aspired aspirated mature follicles (3-6mm(More)
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