Erik W Gregory

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The present paper describes an exercise model that produces a voluntary hindlimb weight-lifting response. Each rat was operantly conditioned to enter a vertical tube, insert its head into a weighted ring (either 70 g or 700 g), lift the ring until its nose interrupted an infrared detector, and then lower the ring. Load cells measured the external force(More)
The purpose of this study was to determine whether a marked decrease in red cell mass with a normal blood volume (normovolemic anemia) would compromise osseous repair in experimental mandibular bone grafts. In adult male dogs, osseous defects in the mandibular body were restored with combined allogeneic and autologous bone grafts. In the experimental group,(More)
This study compared the ability of fresh autogenous and freeze-dried allogenic split-thickness skin grafts to maintain vestibular depth following vestibuloplasty. Both graft systems resulted in covering of the alveolar ridge by firmly attached tissue, which would be expected to enhance prosthetic stability. The appearance of the fresh autogenous grafts was(More)
The limitations of autologous vascularized grafts include morbidity at the donor site and the increased surgical time associated with graft retrieval. To overcome these limitations, freeze-dried allogeneic and fresh autologous vascularized rib grafts were compared in 6-cm mid-radial defects of dogs. There was no statistically significant difference between(More)
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