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The distribution and abundance of mosquito larvae in a freshwater marsh were determined during a low water period in the late summer. Culex tarsalis larval abundance was significantly associated with the percent cover by Typha spp. root masses and Typha spp. stem density in 1-m2 quadrants. Larval mosquito abundance was not significantly related to bulrush(More)
Based on complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) technology a neurosensor chip with passive palladium electrodes was developed. The CMOS technology allows a high reproducibility of the sensors as well as miniaturization and the on-chip integration of electronics. Networks of primary neurones were taken from murine foetal spinal cord (day 14) and(More)
ison of beetles collected from the dung of cattle untreated and treated with fen-valerate ear tags and pastured on two range types in western Nebraska. ABSTRACT The red imported fire ant, Solenopsis invicta Buren, is considered an oil-loving feeder, however, carbohydrates are essential ingredients in the diet of the fire ant also. Comprehensive screening of(More)
The distribution of Culiseta particeps (Adams) in California appears to be restricted in Califor-nia to the Pacific coastal areas and scattered patches in the Riverside and San Bernardino counties (Darsie and Ward 1981). However, Iit-tle information exists on the adult ecology and abundance of this species. Larvae have been found in marshes, margins of(More)
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