Erik Schmidt

Pubudu M. Peiris2
Efstathios Karathanasis2
Rd Almanza1
Patty Hallinan1
Mark Stickelmeyer1
2Pubudu M. Peiris
2Efstathios Karathanasis
1Rd Almanza
1Patty Hallinan
1Mark Stickelmeyer
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Besides the multifunctionality, another equally important aspect of nanoparticles is their engineerability to control the geometrical and chemical properties during fabrication. In this work, we exploited this aspect to define asymmetric surface chemistry of an iron oxide nanosphere by controlling the topology of ligand expression on its surface resulting(More)
To evaluate the ability of radiofrequency (RF)-triggered drug release from a multicomponent chain-shaped nanoparticle to inhibit the growth of an aggressive breast tumor. A two-step solid phase chemistry was employed to synthesize doxorubicin-loaded nanochains, which were composed of three iron oxide nanospheres and one doxorubicin-loaded liposome assembled(More)
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