Erik Schüler

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As microelectronics evolves smaller into the nanometric scale, external interferences starts to be harmful to the system expected behavior. As classical systems do not handle adequately faults caused by such sources, new topologies are proposed. Our present work proposes a solution for this problem consisting on the use of sigma-delta modulation in order to(More)
In this work, a correlation between Event Related Potential (ERP) and visual memory, generally located in occipito-temporal region was found for two classes of subject: a sample with high risk (HR) for alcoholism and a sample of control subjects with low risk (LR). For the ERPs of matching stimulus we describe an application of an artificial neural network(More)
Future technologies will present devices so small that they will be heavily influenced by electromagnetic noise and SEU induced errors. Since many soft errors might appear at the same time, classical fault tolerance techniques, such as TMR, will no longer provide reliable protection and will make new design approaches necessary. This study shows that the(More)
The focus of this work is the testing of RF signal paths, specially mixers. The presented technique is based on spectral analysis and subsampling. It enables the partitioning of the RF signal path, making it easier to locate faulty stages. A synchronization scheme is proposed in order to enable the direct sampling of the high frequency signal, thus avoiding(More)
The Assistive Technology Centers of Instituto Federal de Educação, Ciência e Tecnologia of Rio Grande do Sul and Ceará in Brazil have been developing a range of low cost assistive technology (AT) products. These products are developed to have exactly the same functionality and performance as commercial ones, but with much lower price.(More)