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A flash analog-to-digital converter is proposed that employs a new dynamic element matching architecture. The architecture uses a new strategy of incorporating switches in the voltage reference generator that allows lower hardware complexity and higher conversion speed than comparable converters. The converter has been modeled and simulated on a behavioral(More)
This paper gives an introduction to the silicon-on-insulator (SOI) CMOS technology and presents the major advantages and disadvantages of using SOI. It also presents the design of a comparator, which has been sent for manufacturing, designed in a 0.13 /spl mu/m partially depleted SOI CMOS process. The comparator is a first step towards the design of a(More)
A diode-pumped, ultrafast Yb:KYW laser system utilizing chirped-pulse amplification in a dual-slab regenerative amplifier with spectral shaping of seeding pulse from a master oscillator has been developed. A train of compressed pulses with pulse length of 181 fs, repetition rate up to 200 kHz, and average power exceeding 8 W after compression and pulse(More)
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