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In 1998, a regional cardiovascular diseases prevention program was started in The Netherlands. This paper presents the design and results of a process study on the community intervention. The main purpose of the study was to gain insight into the reasons why expected effects were or were not achieved. Data was collected using multiple data sources and/or(More)
BACKGROUND Little is known about the costs of community programmes to prevent cardiovascular diseases. The present study calculated the economic costs of all interventions within a Dutch community programme called Hartslag Limburg, in such a way as to facilitate generalisation to other countries. It also calculated the difference between the economic costs(More)
Urban canal swimming events are popular in the Netherlands. In 2015, two city canal swimming events took place, in Utrecht (Utrecht Singel Swim, USS) and in Amsterdam (Amsterdam City Swim, ACS). This prospective study characterizes the health risks associated with swimming in urban waters. Online questionnaires were sent to 160 (USS) and 2,692 (ACS)(More)
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