Erik Rolland

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In this paper we propose a new formulation for the bandwidth packing problem (BWP) in telecommunications networks. This problem is one of selecting calls, from a list of requests, to be routed in the telecommunications network. We consider both revenue losses and costs associated with communications delay as parts of the objective. An ecient Lagrangean(More)
In this paper we propose a hybrid memory adaptive heuristic for solving the Capacitated Minimum Spanning Tree (CMST) problem. We augment the problem formulation with additional non-redundant constraints via use of adaptive memory, to improve upon the performance of an elementary heuristic (the Esau-Williams heuristic). Our methodology is tested against many(More)
Reverse distribution, or the management of product return flows, induced by various forms of reuse of products and materials, has received growing attention throughout this decade. In this paper we discuss reverse distribution, and propose a mathematical programming model for a version of this problem. Due to the complexity of the proposed model, we(More)
In this paper we describe a visual interactive decision support tool 'VisOpt' which is designed to solve P-median problems with capacity constraints. Various design features incorporated in VisOpt are also presented and analyzed. We also present a demonstration of the use of VisOpt by a number of human subjects for various problem instances. The quality of(More)
One of the critical functions of Decision Support System (DSS) is to provide system induced decision guidance for proper model formulation and solution. We show how to incorporate this type of system induced decision guidance into the design of the next generation of DSS. We suggest that a DSS should make decisions, or at least recommendations, regarding(More)