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Identity, Interest and Action: A Cultural Explanation of Sweden's Intervention in the Thirty Years War
Identity, interest and action : a cultural explanation of Sweden's intervention in the Thirty Years War
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Performing International Systems: Two East-Asian Alternatives to the Westphalian Order
  • Erik Ringmar
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  • 1 January 2012
Abstract This article provides a framework for the comparative study of international systems. By analyzing how international systems are framed, scripted, and performed, it is possible to understandExpand
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On the Ontological Status of the State
In which sense can we say that a state `exists'? According to the realist school, the state is an a priori given; according to the pluralist school, it is nothing but a collection of variousExpand
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The relevance of international law: a Hegelian interpretation of a peculiar seventeenth-century preoccupation
International law, traditional scholars of international politics tell us, is a useless fiction. Statesmen either do not follow legal stipulations or they do so only when it is in their interest toExpand
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A Blogger's Manifesto: Free Speech and Censorship in the Age of the Internet
• Users may download and print one copy of any publication from the public portal for the purpose of private study or research. • You may not further distribute the material or use it for anyExpand
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Inter-Texual Relations
In this article, I analyse the unexpected quarrels and strange new alliances that formed in response to the United States’ decision to go to war against Iraq in the spring of 2003. Telling differentExpand
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The search for dialogue as a hindrance to understanding: practices as inter-paradigmatic research program
In a recent article Emanuel Adler and Vincent Pouliot argued that attention to ‘practices’ could help IR scholars overcome ontological gaps and provide a new basis, on which the discipline could beExpand
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Introduction The International Politics of Recognition
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International Politics of Recognition
Part I Theoretical Preliminaries Introduction The International Politics of Recognition Erik Ringmar 1 Recognition between States: On the Moral Substrate of International Relations Axel Honneth 2Expand
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Recognition and the origins of international society
The international system of civilized states that came to develop in Europe in the course of the nineteenth century was formed through practices of recognition, which created and affirmedExpand
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