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ion to Continuous Space and Time The amorphous model postulates computing particles distributed throughout a space. If the particles are dense, one can imagine the particles as actually filling the space, and create programming abstractions that view the space itself as the object being programmed, rather than the collection of particles. Beal and Bachrach(More)
BACKGROUND L-type calcium channel (LTCC) and Na(+)/Ca(2+) exchanger (NCX) have been implicated in repolarization-dependent arrhythmias, but also modulate calcium and contractility. Although LTCC inhibition is negative inotropic, NCX inhibition has the opposite effect. Combined block may, therefore, offer an advantage for hemodynamics and antiarrhythmic(More)
Physical modelling is the process of finding a mathematical description that is consistent with observations of the physical world. Many models, from the heat equation to the Schrödinger equation, are formulated in the continuous language of differential equations. Space and time are thought of as a continuum, hence the models potentially specify detail(More)
In recent years it has been recognized that vitamin D deficiency is associated with a wide range of diseases, including various types of cancers. Due to the enormous medical importance of vitamin D and its metabolites, their status in blood serum has to be accurately measured. Thus, the metabolites actually used as reference standards and also others of(More)
The time-to-collision task is that of estimating the ratio of the distance of an object to the relative velocity in the direction of that object, based on time-varying images resulting from the 3-D motion of a camera with respect to the object. Traditional methods require large amounts of memory and computation time, and are not suited for real time(More)
Amorphous computing is the development of organizational principles and programming languages for obtaining coherent behavior from the cooperation of myriads of unreliable parts that are interconnected in unknown, irregular, and time-varying ways. The impetus for amorphous computing comes from developments in microfabrication and fundamental biology, each(More)
Due to the widespread impact of vitamin D on human health, the development of appropriate assays to detect deficiency of all vitamin D metabolites of pharmacological interest is being continuously improved. Although over 50 naturally-occurring metabolites of vitamin D are known to date, only very few are routinely detected in commercially available assays.(More)
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