Erik R Jackson

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The interconnections among smoking status, severity of nicotine related physical dependence (NRPD), posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD)-related physiological arousal and subjective health were explored within a sample of 66 resettled Bosnian refugees seeking primary healthcare services. Fifty-nine percent (n = 39/66) of the participants reported that they(More)
The majority of coliform mastitis cases are relatively mild and self-limiting. Teat dipping and dry cow therapy will not prevent coliform problems, neither do they cause them. Bad housing and poor milking time hygiene lead to coliform mastitis. Efforts to control coliform mastitis must be directed at reducing exposure to the bacteria. In acute cases fluid(More)
A within herd comparison of teat dipping and dry cow therapy (full treatment) with only selective dry cow therapy (partial treatment) was carried out in six commercial dairy herds for a two year period. In four herds, the incidence of clinical mastitis was 2 to 12 per cent higher in the partial treatment group. In another herd, in which the pattern of(More)