Erik Pulkstenis

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It is well documented that the commonly used Pearson chi-square and deviance statistics are not adequate for assessing goodness-of-fit in logistic regression models when continuous covariates are modelled. In recent years, several methods have been proposed which address this shortcoming in the binary logistic regression setting or assess model fit(More)
A shared parameter model with logistic link is presented for longitudinal binary response data to accommodate informative drop-out. The model consists of observed longitudinal and missing response components that share random effects parameters. To our knowledge, this is the first presentation of such a model for longitudinal binary response data.(More)
We extend the model of Pulkstenis et al. that models binary longitudinal data, subject to informative drop-out through remedication, to the ordinal response case. We present a selection model shared-parameter approach that specifies mixed models for both ordinal response and discrete survival time to remedication. In this fashion, the random parameter(More)
Assessing goodness-of-fit in logistic regression models can be problematic, in that commonly used deviance or Pearson chi-square statistics do not have approximate chi-square distributions, under the null hypothesis of no lack of fit, when continuous covariates are modelled. We present two easy to implement test statistics similar to the deviance and(More)
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