Erik Perjons

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There is a growing need for Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) technologies, which align the applications of an organisation to its business processes. Such technologies require an adequate methodological support so that well-structured and easily understandable models can be constructed. In this paper, such a methodological support is proposed by(More)
Organizations of today are becoming ever more focused on their business processes. This has resulted in an increasing interest in using best practices for business process reengineering. Two problems arise in connection to using best practices: how to find a best practice that suits particular purposes, and how to ensure that the process from the best(More)
Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) is a challenging area that is attracting growing attention from the software industry and the research community. A landscape of languages and techniques for EAI has emerged and is continuously being enriched with new proposals from different software vendors and coalitions. However, little or no effort has been(More)
The increasing interest in process engineering and application integration has resulted in the appearance of various new process modelling languages. Understanding and comparing such languages has therefore become a major problem in information systems research and development. We suggest a framework to solve this problem involving several instruments: a(More)
E-services are used as the cornerstones for modeling interaction points of cooperating IT systems, within and between enterprises. So far, research and development of e-services have mainly focused on an operational perspective, such as the development of standards for message exchanges and service coordination. However, on a strategic level, the success of(More)
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Value models has several inherent benefits, compared to for example process models, when it comes to the description of high level exchanges of resources in a network of business actors. Compared to other approaches, value models enable the modeller to give an overview of a complex business domain, focusing only on those aspects that are essential for(More)
Application integration is a major trend in information technology today. In this paper we present a number of principles for the design, validation and presentation of process models which align the applications of an organisation to its business processes. The design principles are divided into two groups. The first group consists of guidelines that(More)