Erik Nuveen

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OBJECTIVE The objective of this investigation was to evaluate and compare the mechanical behaviors of distractors used for osteogenesis under various conditions by means of common engineering standards. STUDY DESIGN Five groups of 5 synthetic mandibles were used in this study (N = 25). The first portion of the investigation compared mandibles without(More)
PURPOSE The objectives of this investigation were to assess the weight of the combined internal orbital contents, to evaluate the ability of common internal orbital reconstruction materials to resist loads, and to determine whether these materials provide enough load resistance to support the orbital contents. MATERIALS AND METHODS The combined exonerated(More)
A critical component of immune responsiveness is the localization of effector cells at sites of inflammatory lesions. Adhesive molecules that may play a role in this process have been described on the surfaces of both lymphocytes and connective tissue cells. Adhesive interactions of T lymphocytes with fibroblasts or endothelial cells can be inhibited by(More)
BACKGROUND Circumferential lower body lifts have become more prevalent with the rise of massive weight loss surgery. This has historically required inpatient admission. Only three previous groups have published their experience with outpatient lower body lifts. METHODS The authors reviewed their experience with 42 consecutive outpatient circumferential(More)
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