Erik Myin

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Radical enactive and embodied approaches to cognitive science oppose the received view in the sciences of the mind in denying that cognition fundamentally involves contentful mental representation. This paper argues that the fate of representationalism in cognitive science matters significantly to how best to understand the extent of cognition. It seeks to(More)
Stressful life events increase the risk for psychosis, and the subjective experience of stress related to daily life activities drives moment-to-moment variation in psychotic intensity. Positron emission tomography (PET) studies suggest that dopaminergic (DAergic) activity mediates the behavioral response to an experimental stressor. However, it is not(More)
(henceforth H&M) set out to establish their doctrine of " radical enactive cognition " by attempting to show that theories of content are utterly hopeless. The result is a rollicking campaign through the battlefields of content. The rhetoric is martial throughout, intimating a great insurrection. " Revolution is, yet again, in the air. " (1) They sound(More)
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