Erik Morre Pedersen

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The location of the centre of resistance (CR) of various consolidated units of maxillary anterior teeth was determined in this study using human autopsy material. The units studied consisted of two central incisors, four incisors, and six anterior teeth. When horizontal forces were applied the CR for the two- and six-tooth units was located approximately(More)
This work investigated how the quality of prior information (i.e., data acquired during the training stage) influences k-t BLAST reconstruction. The impact of several factors, such as the amount of training data, the presence of spatial misregistration in the training data, and the effects of filtering, was investigated with simulations and in vivo data. It(More)
We provide a proof of the controlled surgery sequence, including stability , in the special case that the local fundamental groups are trivial. Stability is a key ingredient in the construction of exotic homology manifolds by Bryant, Ferry, Mio and Weinberger, but no proof has been available. The development given here is based on work of M. Yamasaki. In(More)
A novel approach to three-dimensional (3D) visualization of high quality, respiratory compensated cardiac magnetic resonance (MR) data is presented with the purpose of assisting the cardiovascular surgeon and the invasive cardiologist in the pre-operative planning. Developments included: (1) optimization of 3D, MR scan protocols; (2) dedicated segmentation(More)
We elucidated whether exposure to cardiac magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of patients with implanted intracoronary stents is associated with increased risk of stent-thrombosis, stent-restenosis, or other cardiovascular complications. Forty-seven patients admitted with acute myocardial infarction (AMI) were studied. Twenty-three were included in a serial(More)
BACKGROUND The risk of aortic dissection is 100-fold increased in Turner syndrome (TS). Unfortunately, risk stratification is inadequate due to a lack of insight into the natural course of the syndrome-associated aortopathy. Therefore, this study aimed to prospectively assess aortic dimensions in TS. METHODS Eighty adult TS patients were examined twice(More)
BACKGROUND To investigate aortic dimensions in women with Turner syndrome (TS) in relation to aortic valve morphology, blood pressure, karyotype, and clinical characteristics. METHODS AND RESULTS A cross sectional study of 102 women with TS (mean age 37.7; 18-62 years) examined by cardiovascular magnetic resonance (CMR- successful in 95),(More)
By perianal electrical stimulation and EMG recording from the external anal sphincter three responses were found with latencies of 2-8, 13-18 and 30-60 ms, respectively. The two first responses were recorded in most cases. They were characterised by constant latency and uniform pattern, were not fatigued by repeated stimulation, were most dependent on(More)
  • Matthew D Verminski, B S In, Michael B Mcilrath, Donald E Troxel, Yonald Chery, Manuel Perez +9 others
  • 1998
Computer representations for semiconductor fabrication processes are currently not well defined for distributed computing. This work focuses on defining and implementing an open, distributed software architecture for designing semiconductor fabrication processes. The implementation of the architecture provides a common interface to semiconductor process(More)