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Images of outdoor scenes often contain degradation due to haze, resulting in contrast reduction and color fading. For many reasons one may need to remove these effects. Unfortunately, haze removal is a difficult problem due the inherent ambiguity between the haze and the underlying scene. Furthermore, all images contain some noise due to sensor(More)
Single Image Haze and Noise Removal by Erik Matlin One of the central problems in image processing is the restoration of images corrupted by various types of degradation. Images of outdoor scenes often contain atmospheric degradation, such as haze and fog, caused by particles in the atmospheric medium absorbing and scattering light as it travels to the(More)
We present a non-invasive method for recognition of components in a digital CMOS integrated circuit (IC). We use a confocal infrared laser scanning optical microscope to collect multimodal images through the backside of the IC. Individual modes correspond to passive reflectivity measurements or active measurements, such as light-induced voltage alteration.(More)