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The binding constants of the binding between thioridazine and its metabolites, side-chain sulfoxide, sidechain sulfone and ring sulfoxide, on the one hand, and the plasma proteins, α1-acid glycoprotein, albumin and total serum proteins, on the other, were determined. The binding constants between the drug substances and α1-acid glycoprotein were found to be(More)
The plasma protein binding of amitriptyline, imipramine, clomipramine, and their primary demethylated metabolites were studied by means of a method combining dialysis and gas chromatography. Equilibrium in dialysis of serum containing amitriptyline and its metabolite nortriptyline was attained in about 0.5 h with the drug dissolved in the serum compartment,(More)
The particle-assisted epitaxial growth of antimonide-based nanowires has mainly been realized using gold as the seed material. However, the Au-seeded epitaxial growth of antimonide-based nanowires such as GaSb nanowires presents several challenges such as for example direct nucleation issues and crystal structure tuning. Therefore, it is of great importance(More)
The class of information set decoding algorithms is the best known way of decoding general codes, i.e. codes that admit no special structure, in the Hamming metric. Stern's algorithm is the origin of the most efficient algorithms in this class. In this paper we consider the same decoding problem but for a channel with soft information. We give a version of(More)
Metal nanoparticles (NPs), in particular gold NPs, are often used in the fabrication process of semiconductor nanowires. Besides being able to induce the 1D crystallization of new material, it is highly beneficial if the NPs can be used to dictate the position and diameter of the final nanowire structure. To achieve well-defined NP arrays of varying(More)
The relationships between, on the one hand, the unbound plasma concentrations of thioridazine and thioridazine metabolites and, on the other, the total plasma concentrations and the red blood cell concentrations were studied in vitro. The relationships between the unbound and total plasma concentrations were curvilinear, while those between the unbound(More)
Planning and license applications concerning groundwater diversion in areas containing water-dependent or water-favored habitats must take into account both hydrological effects and associated ecological consequences. There is at present no established methodology to assess such ecohydrological responses. Thus, this paper describes a new stepwise(More)
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