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We investigated bacterial responses to variations in dissolved organic carbon (DOC) and nutrient availability by a comparative analysis of bacterial metabolism in lakes ranging from oligotrophic to eutrophic. Bacterial growth, respiration, and growth efficiency were quantified in lake water dilution cultures performed in 20 lakes located in eastern Quebec,(More)
The mean firing rates (fr) of the idealized neurons shown in Fig. 4a–d, are given by equation (2) (from top to bottom, respectively): fr ¼ e 2 T 2 2 À Á fr ¼ e 2 T 2 2 þ H 2 8 À Á fr ¼ e 2 T 2 4 þ ðTÿH Þ 2 4 À Á fr ¼ e 2 ðTÿH Þ 2 2 ð2Þ where T is the horizontal position of the target in eye coordinates, H is the horizontal position of the hand in eye(More)
The excess tissue from upper lip vertical length reduction provides bulk for opening the columella-labial angle and increasing the visibility of the columella and upper lip vermillion. Decorticated centrally based transverse flaps from the lip and nostril floor, when transposed into a columellar pocket, correct commonly combined degenerative or(More)
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