Erik L Kreider

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Many systemically effective drugs such as cyclosporin A are ineffective topically because of their poor penetration into skin. To surmount this problem, we conjugated a heptamer of arginine to cyclosporin A through a pH-sensitive linker to produce R7–CsA. In contrast to unmodified cyclosporin A, which fails to penetrate skin, topically applied R7–CsA was(More)
Short oligomers of arginine, either alone or when conjugated to therapeutic agents or large biopolymers, have been shown to cross readily a variety of biological barriers (e.g., lipid bilayers and epithelial tissue). Molecular modeling suggests that only a subset of the side chain guanidinium groups of these transporters might be required for transport(More)
Molecular transporters have the ability to deliver drugs and probe molecules into cells and tissues irrespective of their physical properties. We now report the design, synthesis, and biological evaluation of a new family of molecular transporters, guanidinylated oligocarbamates that enable exceptionally efficient uptake into cells and tissues. The(More)
[reaction: see text] Nine fluorescently labeled structurally varied polyguanidino dendrimers based on diamino acid monomeric units were individually synthesized in an efficient, scalable sequence using a trifluoroacetamide protecting group-perguanidinylation strategy. While the dendrimers varied significantly in their ability to enter a human lymphocyte(More)
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