Erik L. J. Bohez

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This study presents a new method of using computerized tomography images combined with the reverse engineering technique to obtain and analyse the three-dimensional inner and outer geometry of the proximal cadaveric femur. Three-dimensional models were reconstructed from the computerized tomography images and approximated with 2D and 3D fitting algorithms(More)
A three-dimensional finite element study of trochanteric fracture fixation by a trochanteric gamma nail (TGN) was investigated in this study. The analyses were performed under one-legged stance load boundary conditions to study the stress distribution and displacements. The influence of material properties (E-modulus) of the implant, the bone and contact(More)
This paper proposes an aesthetic-driven evolutionary algorithm for user-centered design. The evolutionary algorithm is based on a genetic algorithm (GA). It is developed to work as an art form generator that enhances user’s productivity and creativity through reproduction, evaluation, and selection. Users can input their preferences and guide the generating(More)
A new algorithm based on the sweep plane approach to determine the machined part geometry in 5-axis machining with general APT tools is presented. Undercut and overcut can be determined. Collision detection between the toolholder, workpiece and workpiece fixture can also be detected. The subtraction of the removed material is obtained for each sweep plane(More)
The proximal part of the radius has a complex shape and dimension that cannot be precisely determined by standard roentgenogram for real three-dimensional anatomical shape which is important for prosthesis design. This study presents a method by which computer tomography (CT) images are combined with the reverse engineering technique to obtain and analyse(More)
Stereolithography (SL) is a widely used technology in the field of rapid prototyping. However, the dimensional accuracy of SL products is today still limited; therefore, this technology needs to be optimized for high precision applications. This paper presents a statistical analysis of the stereolithographic process, in order to find out the combination of(More)