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A prospective, randomized clinical trial comparing combination therapy with ceftriaxone and teicoplanin versus ceftazidime and teicoplanin in the treatment of febrile episodes in neutropenic cancer patients and bone marrow transplant recipients was performed. One hundred and two patients were randomized, but two patients were considered unevaluable for(More)
To evaluate risk factors for coronary heart disease and factors which can influence the course of acute myocardial infarction in workers exposed to CS2 we performed a cross-sectional study of 247 workers in the viscose industry. The control group of 222 men from the same plant was comparable for age, social status and physical work. The CS2 exposure(More)
We examined 30 patients with an arthroscopic suture repair for anterior shoulder instability in a retrospective evaluation. The follow-up period ranged from 12 to 58 months with an average of 22 months. Arthroscopic suture repairs were done on 14 patients (acute group, average age 26.1 years) with acute detached glenoid labrum, confirmed on arthro-CT,(More)
Vom 01.01.1992 bis zum 31.07.1995 wurden 313 Patienten mit akuten und chronischen Infektionen durch Vakuumversiegelung (VVS) behandelt. Die durchschnittliche Dauer der Versiegelungen betrug 16,7 Tage, und es erfolgten im Mittel 3,1 Wechsel des Versiegelungssystems. Der Abschluß der Behandlung bestand bei akuten Infekten (n = 203) aus Sekundärnaht (65,5%),(More)
The purpose of the present investigation was to assess respiratory center function in smokers using (1) measurement of mouth occlusion pressure during carbon dioxide rebreathing and (2) noninvasive measurement of breathing pattern during passive upright tilt. The breathing patterns of 20 normal nonsmokers and 20 smokers without major obstruction of the(More)
1 In an open controlled study a group of 18 healthy volunteers received either pindolol 10 mg three times daily or metoprolol 100 mg three times daily for 4 weeks. Before treatment, and after abrupt withdrawal the resting heart rate, the blood pressure, the exercise heart rate and the isoprenaline CD25 (dose of isoprenaline to increase the heart rate of 25(More)