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Domestication of many plants has correlated with dramatic increases in fruit size. In tomato, one quantitative trait locus (QTL), fw2.2, was responsible for a large step in this process. When transformed into large-fruited cultivars, a cosmid derived from the fw2.2 region of a small-fruited wild species reduced fruit size by the predicted amount and had the(More)
This dissertation contributes to the literature on urban spatial structure by addressing two research questions. First, it empirically examines the urban economic theory by testing the relationship between the distance elasticities of land prices and housing prices. The theory indicates that land prices are more elastic with respect to distance from the(More)
Absorption of carbonyl sulphide in aqueous piperazine, 581 acetone 73 adsorption 657 aldol condensation 73 alkanolamine 498, 973 alternative schemes 610 ambient conditions 891 amines 132 Application of the penetration theory for gas – liquid mass transfer without liquid bulk – differences with systems with a bulk,
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