Erik K Castle

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BACKGROUND Papillary renal-cell carcinoma, which accounts for 15 to 20% of renal-cell carcinomas, is a heterogeneous disease that consists of various types of renal cancer, including tumors with indolent, multifocal presentation and solitary tumors with an aggressive, highly lethal phenotype. Little is known about the genetic basis of sporadic papillary(More)
Cell-associated flaviviruses contain the two membrane proteins V3 and NV2 besides the viral core protein V2 whereas extracellular viruses do contain V2 protein and the two membrane proteins V3 and V1. Since the V1 protein could not be detected in infected cells it has been suggested that V1 is generated from NV2 by proteolytic cleavage during the release of(More)
The genome RNA of the flavivirus West Nile (WN) virus has been transcribed into cDNA, the cDNA has been cloned, and the nucleotide sequences coding for the structural proteins have been determined (Castle et al., 1985; Wengler et al., 1985). We have now determined the nucleotide sequence coding for all viral nonstructural proteins which comprises 7929(More)
Flaviviruses contain a large membrane-associated protein V3, having a mol mass of about 50 kDa which is responsible for hemagglutination. We have isolated the V3 protein from the West Nile (WN) flavivirus and determined its amino-terminal amino acid sequence and amino acid sequences of fragments derived from this protein. We have also transcribed parts of(More)
Androgen deprivation, as a form of treatment for prostate cancer, has been used for decades. Within the last decade, however, its use has increased significantly. Therefore, it is incumbent upon the physician to be familiar with the side effects associated with this treatment. Some of these side effects (eg, osteoporosis, changes in lipid profiles, and(More)
We have developed a procedure which allows isolation of virus-coded nonstructural (NS) proteins from BHK cells infected with the West Nile (WN) flavivirus in a state of purity which allows their chemical characterization. A crude membrane fraction proved to be a suitable starting material. Incubation of crude membranes in buffer containing 1.2 M guanidine(More)
Recently we have shown that an open reading frame comprising 10290 nucleotides is present on the infectious, single-stranded genome RNA of the West Nile flavivirus. We have now isolated cloned cDNA representing the 3'-terminal untranslated region of this molecule. The sequence of this region which comprises 571 nucleotides is given in this report. Recently,(More)
This is a testimony by an individual performing the actual work. The incident occurred while re-lamping high bay lights from a man lift at 140' elevation. The breakers were opened per the documentation from a recent NFPA 70E [1] study that was being conducted. As the bolt was touched to open the access cover to the power connections to verify that all power(More)