Erik Jung

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Astrocytic brain tumours, including glioblastomas, are incurable neoplasms characterized by diffusely infiltrative growth. Here we show that many tumour cells in astrocytomas extend ultra-long membrane protrusions, and use these distinct tumour microtubes as routes for brain invasion, proliferation, and to interconnect over long distances. The resulting(More)
  • Thorbjörn Ebefors, Jessica Fredlund, Erik Jung, Tanja Braun
  • 2013
This paper reports on the successful manufacture of metalized TSV interposer technology as a through molded via element in wafer level packaging of CMOS biosensors. The work has been executed by Silex Microsystems and Fraunhofer IZM, within the EU-consortium CAJAL4EU, where originally 29 partners were developing nanoelectronics-based biosensor technology(More)
— In this paper, we present a lightweight , multi-axis compliant tenegrity joint that is biologically inspired by the human elbow. This tensegrity elbow actuates by shortening and lengthening cable in a method inspired by muscular actuation in a person. Unlike many series elastic actuators, this joint is structurally compliant not just along each axis of(More)
Microtechnology becomes a versatile tool for biological and biomedical applications. Microwells have been established long but remained non-intelligent up to now. Merging new fabrication techniques and handling concepts with microelectronics enables to realize intelligent microwells suitable for future improved cancer treatment. The described technology(More)
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