Erik Jung

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— In this paper, we present a lightweight , multi-axis compliant tenegrity joint that is biologically inspired by the human elbow. This tensegrity elbow actuates by shortening and lengthening cable in a method inspired by muscular actuation in a person. Unlike many series elastic actuators, this joint is structurally compliant not just along each axis of(More)
  • Roland S Utz, Alex hilgarth, Erik Jung, Leo J van Hemmen
  • 2011
Pit vipers as well as boas and pythons possess an infra-red (IR) sensitive organ. Its layout is that of a pinhole camera but with a very large pinhole. Though this way the energy flow is high, the image of the surroundings on the pit membrane turns out to be so blurred that no structures are discernible anymore for the human eye, i.e., the brain. Sichert et(More)
Microtechnology becomes a versatile tool for biological and biomedical applications. Microwells have been established long but remained non-intelligent up to now. Merging new fabrication techniques and handling concepts with microelectronics enables to realize intelligent microwells suitable for future improved cancer treatment. The described technology(More)
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