Erik Jönsson

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We describe methods used and some results in a study of schizophrenia in a population of affected and unaffected participants, called patients and controls. The subjects are characterized by diagnosis , genotype, brain anatomy (MRI), laboratory tests on blood samples, and basic demographic data. The long term goal is to identify the causal chains of(More)
BACKGROUND Heterogeneous findings have been reported in studies of basal ganglia volumes in schizophrenia patients as compared to healthy controls. The basal ganglia contain dopamine receptors that are known to be involved in schizophrenia pathology and to be vulnerable to pre- and perinatal hypoxic insults. Altered volumes of other brain structures (e.g.(More)
  • Jason W Moore, Diana C Gildea, Benjamin D Brewer, Henry Bernstein, Richard A Walker, Andreas Malm +2 others
  • 2009
The developing tendencies of history constitute a higher reality than the empirical 'facts' (Lukács, 1971: 181). " We have mixed our labour with the earth, our forces with its forces too deeply to be able to draw back and separate either out, " Raymond Williams first argued in 1971 (1980: 83). In an extraordinary essay, Williams directs his critique towards(More)
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