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1. The inward facing membranes of in vitro frog skin epithelium were depolarized with solutions of high K concentration. The electrical properties of the epithelium are then expected to be governed by the outward facing, Na-selective membrane.2. In this state, the transepithelial voltage (V) was clamped to zero and step-changes of Na activity in the outer(More)
Kale, lettuce, carrots and potatoes were grown in 20 experimental plots surrounding a wood preservation factory, to investigate the amount and pathways for plant uptake of arsenic and chromium. Arsenate used in the wood preservation process is converted to the more toxic arsenite by incineration of waste wood and is emitted into the atmosphere. Elevated(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the variation in iodine content in drinking water in Denmark and to determine the difference in iodine content between organic and non-organic milk. Further, to analyse the iodine content in other beverages. DESIGN AND SETTING Tap water samples were collected from 41 evenly distributed localities in Denmark. Organic and(More)
The voltage dependecies of Na and Cl fluxes were investigated in the isolated toad skin. With Cl-Ringer's on both sides Cl outflux varied very little with clamping voltage. The same was true for the influx of Cl at depolarizing voltages (psii -psio lessthan0 mV), wheras hyperpolarization led to a marked increase in this flux. A net chloride influx under(More)
1. Mitochondria-rich (MR) cells in free suspension were obtained by collagenase and trypsin treatments of toad skin epithelium and studied by whole-cell voltage clamp and membrane current fluctuation analysis. 2. Cells studied with a 100 microM amiloride and 5 mM Ba2+ Ringer solution on the outside and 10 mM Cs+ in the pipette generated large membrane(More)
Members of the TMEM16 (Anoctamin) family of membrane proteins have been shown to be essential constituents of the Ca(2+)-activated Cl(-) channel (CaCC) in many cell types. In this study, we have investigated the electrophysiological properties of mouse TMEM16F. Heterologous expression of TMEM16F in HEK293 cells resulted in plasma membrane localization and(More)
Isolated small intestine of toad (Bufo bufo) was mounted on glass tubes for perfusion studies with oxygenated amphibian Ringer's solution containing glucose and acetate. Under open-circuit conditions (Vt = -3.9 +/- 1.8 mV, N = 14) the preparation generated a net influx of 134Cs+. The time course of unidirectional 134Cs+-fluxes was mono-exponential with(More)
1. Active Cl- currents were studied in short-circuited toad skin epithelium in which the passive voltage-activated Cl- current is zero. Under visual control double-barrelled microelectrodes were used for impaling principal cells from the serosal side, or for measuring the pH profile in the solution bathing the apical border. 2. The net inward (active) 36Cl-(More)
Solute-coupled water transport and isotonic transport are basic functions of low- and high-resistance epithelia. These functions are studied with the epithelium bathed on the two sides with physiological saline of similar composition. Hence, at transepithelial equilibrium water enters the epithelial cells from both sides, and with the reflection coefficient(More)