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Entrepreneurship in the Agricultural Sector: A Literature Review and Future Research Opportunities
Heeding calls for contextualizing entrepreneurship research and for greater attention to the role of sector in entrepreneurship research, we conduct a systematic literature review of extant research
Celebrity entrepreneurship and celebrity endorsement : Similarities, differences and the effect of deeper engagement
Increasingly, celebrities appear not only as endorsers for products but are apparently engaged in entrepreneurial roles as initiators, owners and perhaps even managers in the ventures that market t
Institutional Forces
Institutional theory is employed for examining how and to what extent external pressure leads to changes in the venture idea during the start-up and early life of new, knowledge-intensive ventures.
Market orientation as determinant of entrepreneurship: An empirical investigation on SMEs
Entrepreneurial Orientation (EO) and Market Orientation (MO) are considered key factors in ensuring firm longevity in the new competitive landscape. Despite extensive research during the past decade,
Fear of climate change consequences and predictors of intentions to alter meat consumption
Reducing or altering meat consumption has the potential to significantly lower the impact humans have on climate change. Consumers, however, are unlikely to break their food habits unless they are
Celebrity capital as a strategic asset: Implications for new venture strategies
Despite an increase in businesses started by celebrities, we have limited understanding as to how celebrity entrepreneurs benefit new ventures. Drawing on a reputational capital perspective, we
Communicating GHG mitigating food consumption in-store: An observational study of food retailers in five European countries
Purpose – Current food consumption patterns contribute negatively to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and climate change. Positioned at the interface between producers and consumers, retailers have the
Celebrity entrepreneurship : the effect of negative celebrity information on the new venture
Increasingly, celebrities engage in business not just as endorsers but also with a financial stake and decision-making role in the business. Whether initiated by the celebrity or by other founders,
Exploring the relationship between nature sounds, connectedness to nature, mood and willingness to buy sustainable food: A retail field experiment
It is concluded that nature sounds might be an effective, yet subtle in-store tool to use on groups of consumers who might otherwise respond negatively to more overt forms of sustainable food information.
Entrepreneurial Ties and Innovativeness in the Start-Up Decision
Do entrepreneurial ties increase innovativeness during the start-up process? Based on data collected from 45 countries and 7,067 nascent entrepreneurs, the authors' results indicate that knowing