Erik Heurich

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OBJECTIVES Consumption of acidic soft drinks may lead to the dissolution and softening of human enamel, known as erosion. The first aim of this in vitro study was to test the hypothesis that food-approved polymers added to citric acid solutions (CAS) decrease the erosion of human dental enamel compared to citric acid solutions without these polymers. The(More)
OBJECTIVES Since stylus profilometry applies a force on the sample surface, it is logical to hypothesize that the profilometer penetrates the surface of the enamel softened by acid solutions. The aims of the present study were, therefore, to test the hypothesis that surface profilometry measurements of eroded enamel alter the surface of the enamel, to(More)
In the present study the dependence of Nitinol contact angles and surface energy on surface treatment is explored in order to better understand the material hemocompatibility that was evaluated in our previous studies. It is found that in the group of surfaces: (1) mechanically polished, (2) additionally heat treated, (3) chemically etched, and (4)(More)
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