Erik Hartikainen

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This paper presents a new method, BART (bandwidth available in real-time), for estimating the end-to-end available bandwidth over a network path. It estimates bandwidth quasi-continuously, in real-time. The method has also been implemented as a tool. It relies on self-induced congestion, and repeatedly samples the available bandwidth of the network path(More)
BACKGROUND Carbonylation is an irreversible oxidative modification of proteins that has been linked to various conditions of oxidative stress, aging, physiological disorders, and disease. Increased oxidative stress is thus also considered to play a role in the pathogenesis of age-related neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer disease (AD). In(More)
This paper presents the concept of change detection for filter-based network-state estimation. This could be useful in various contexts; two examples are network management and adaptive applications. In particular, it is shown that the performance of available-bandwidth estimation can be significantly enhanced by employing a change-detection technique in(More)
resolution may be different for various applications. Abstract-In this paper we present a way of tuning the The time scale of bandwidth tracking offered by BART is temporal characteristics of a new available-bandwidth related to two adjustable properties. The obvious one is the estimation method, BART. The estimation engine in this inter-probing time. In(More)
Corresponding Author: Mika A. Kähkönen Department of Food and Environmental Sciences, Division of Microbiology and Biotechnology, P.O. Box 56, Biocenter 1, FI 00014 University of Helsinki, Finland Email: Abstract: To find out ability of fourteen basidiomycetes and four ascomycetes strains to grow in the presence of synthetic colour(More)
Impacts of metals to the growth and enzyme production of fungi were tested with Cd(0-10 mg kg–1), Co(0-100 mg kg–1), Cr(0-100 mg kg–1), Li(0-100 mg kg–1) or Mn(0-400 mg kg–1) containing media with ABTS [2,2’-azino-bis (3-ethylbentzthiazoline6-sulfonicacid)] as indicator of oxidative enzymes, laccase and/ or peroxidases. All ascomycetes Alternaria sp.,(More)
This paper presents a method for improving filter-based network-state estimation by adding detection and estimation of sudden changes in the system state. This can be of benefit in various contexts, e.g. in network management and adaptive streaming applications. In particular, it is shown that the performance of available-bandwidth estimation can be(More)
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