Erik Gustafsson

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Live migration of virtual machines (VM) across distinct physical hosts is an important feature of virtualization technology for maintenance, load-balancing and energy reduction, especially so for data centers operators and cluster service providers. Several techniques have been proposed to reduce the downtime of the VM being transferred, often at the(More)
The commercialization of Marconi's radio transmission and reception, along with the development of integrated circuits in the 1960's have facilitated many new consumer products for wireless communication, where the mobile phones or handsets are one. These handsets started out as a portable phone, mounted in cars, and have with time added additional services(More)
Saving the state of a running virtual machine (VM) for later restoration has become an indispensable tool to achieve balanced and energy-efficient usage of the underlying hardware in virtual desktop cloud environments (VDC). To free up resources, a remote user’s VM is saved to external storage when the user disconnects and restored when the user reconnects(More)
Competence for genetic transformation seems to play a fundamental role in the biology of Streptococcus pneumoniae and is believed to account for serotype switching, evolution of virulence factors, and rapid emergence of antibiotic resistance. The initiation of competence is regulated by the quorum sensing system referred as the ComABCDE pathway.(More)
The emergence of joint attention is still a matter of vigorous debate. It involves diverse hypotheses ranging from innate modules dedicated to intention reading to more neuro-constructivist approaches. The aim of this study was to assess whether 12-month-old infants are able to recognize a "joint attention" situation when observing such a social(More)
The ability to migrate a virtual machine (VM) from one physical host to another is important in a number of cases such as power management, on-line maintenance, and load-balancing. The amount of memory used in VMs have been steadily increasing up to several gigabytes. Consequently, the time to migrate machines, the total migration time, has been increasing.(More)
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