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The Rise of Historical Economics and Social Reform in Germany 1864-1894
Social science and social reform flourished in Imperial Germany, and the historical economist Gustav Schmoller made fundamental contributions to both. Despite this, historians have neglected him.Expand
German Social Science, Meiji Conservatism, and the Peculiarities of Japanese History
An influential strand of Japanese historiography is invested in notions of peculiarity that highlight the deviance of Meiji Japan from Western liberal-democratic patterns. This special path isExpand
The mature limited access order at the doorstep: Imperial Germany and contemporary China in transition
A basic premise of the limited/open access orders framework of North, Wallis, Webb and Weingast is a variant of the Hayek–Friedman hypothesis that economic and political freedom sustain each other.Expand
The Historical School, 1870–1900: A Cross-National Reassessment
L'A. analyse la signification possible de ce qu'on appelle l'ecole historique en Grande-Bretagne, France, Italie et Allemagne, afin de montrer le caractere inapproprie de cette categorie appliquee aExpand