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This paper proposes a methodology for the construction of a patent test collection for the task of prior art search. Key to the justification of the methodology is an analysis of the nature and structure of patent documents and the patenting process. These factors enable a corpus of patent documents to be reverse engineered in order to arrive at high(More)
This study explores the benefits of integrating knowledge representations in prior art patent retrieval. Key to the introduced approach is the utilization of human judgment available in the form of classifications assigned to patent documents. The paper first outlines in detail how a methodology for the extraction of knowledge from such an hierarchical(More)
This report outlines our participation in CLEF-IP’s 2009 prior art search task. In the task’s initial year our focus lay on the automatic generation of effective queries. To this aim we conducted a preliminary analysis of the distribution of terms common to topics and their relevant documents, with respect to term frequency and document frequency. Based on(More)
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