Erik Goldman

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The short-acting opiate antagonist naloxone decreases food intake in three models of ingestive behavior: free feeding, food-deprivation induced feeding and deoxyglucose-induced feeding. Twenty-four hours after administration, the long-acting, mu1 selective antagonist naloxonazine inhibits food intake to the same extent as naloxone in freely feeding and(More)
New, precise, physical methods for the determination of total protein in serum or plasma and in urine are described. They are based upon the refractometric determination of total solids in these fluids before and after protein has been removed by coagulation and, in ordinary use, they require no special standardization or calibration. The urine method is(More)
We report the results of a prospective 2-year study of the ocular manifestations of myeloid leukemia. Fifty-three patients underwent complete ophthalmic evaluation prior to the initiation of treatment as well as during the course of their disease. All ocular abnormalities were confined to the retina and optic nerve and were present in 34 patients, 30 of(More)
In seven cases of Terson's syndrome, an elevated, dome-shaped, membrane was detected in the posterior pole by ophthalmoscopy, echography, or during pars plana vitrectomy. Light and electron microscopic examination of two additional eyes obtained postmortem from an acute case of Terson's syndrome revealed that the posterior vitreous face was elevated by(More)
  • Erik Goldman
  • 2008
Rapid growth of the holistic healthcare and natural products fields over the last 10 years reflects strong public interest in preventive medicine and a dissatisfaction with mainstream allopathic approaches. Medical schools and hospital systems have tried to meet the public's interest by educating physicians and providing hospital-affiliated integrative(More)
Researchers have tackled the problem of authorship at-tribution in several different ways, using various metrics to identify the author of an anonymous document given a set of writing samples from potential candidates. Common complaints about modern methodologies tend to accuse studies of content bias, which occurs when quantitative models identify similar(More)
BCNU,N,N1-bis(2-chloroethyl)-N-nitrosourea is known to produce 3-hydroxyethylcytidine and 3,N4-ethanocytidine when it reacts with polycytidylic acid. The nucleoside, 3,N4-ethanocytidine, presumably results from cyclization of 3-chloroethylcytidine formed initially by transfer of chloroethyl carboniumions from BCNU to cytidine. In order to study the(More)