Erik Gallo

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The dioxygen we breathe is formed by light-induced oxidation of water in photosystem II. O2 formation takes place at a catalytic manganese cluster within milliseconds after the photosystem II reaction centre is excited by three single-turnover flashes. Here we present combined X-ray emission spectra and diffraction data of 2-flash (2F) and 3-flash (3F)(More)
Spitzer observations of the neutron star (ultra-compact) X-ray binary (XRB) 4U 0614+091 with the Infrared Array Camera reveal emission of non-thermal origin in the range 3.5-8 µm. The mid-infrared spectrum is well fit by a power law with spectral index of α = −0.57 ± 0.04 (where the flux density is F ν ∝ ν α). Given the ultra-compact nature of the binary(More)
Theoretical predictions show that depending on the populations of the Fe 3d xy , 3d xz , and 3d yz orbitals two possible quintet states can exist for the high-spin state of the photoswitchable model system [Fe(terpy) 2 ] 2+. The differences in the structure and molecular properties of these 5 B 2 and 5 E quintets are very small and pose a substantial(More)
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