Erik Gafni

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In this overview to biomedical computing in the cloud, we discussed two primary ways to use the cloud (a single instance or cluster), provided a detailed example using NGS mapping, and highlighted the associated costs. While many users new to the cloud may assume that entry is as straightforward as uploading an application and selecting an instance type and(More)
SUMMARY Efficient workflows to shepherd clinically generated genomic data through the multiple stages of a next-generation sequencing pipeline are of critical importance in translational biomedical science. Here we present COSMOS, a Python library for workflow management that allows formal description of pipelines and partitioning of jobs. In addition, it(More)
24 electronic LAN, OCI and the bidirectional shuuenet. One important advantage of the last solution (over the previous two) is that it allows the independent choice of the most cost eeective deadlock free routing scheme for each level of the SSN architecture. 8 Conclusions Deadlocks in wormhole routing networks occur when a state is reached such that no(More)
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