Erik G. F. Thomas

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BACKGROUND Understanding individual-level changes in mental health status after prison release is crucial to providing targeted and effective mental health care to ex-prisoners. We aimed to describe trajectories of psychological distress following prison discharge and compare these trajectories with mental health service use in the community. METHOD The(More)
We show that closed convex cones, having bounded order intervals (in particular weakly complete proper convex cones) in conuclear spaces, are generated by their extreme rays. An analogue of Choquet's theorem is obtained for these cones, as well as for the conuclear cones deened in this article. Well-capped cones are conuclear. The main tool is Choquet's(More)
SUMMARY THIS ARTICLE is a survey of the treatment of the sick poor in the counties of Berkshire, Essex, and Oxfordshire from c. 1720 to 1834 based on parish records. Its general argument is that the sick poor received sympathetic and humane consideration bearing in mind contemporary medical knowledge and the limited facilities available. General medical aid(More)
Life and career (by Boele Braaksma) Erik Thomas studied mathematics at the University of Paris, where in 1969 he obtained his PhD on the thesis L'intégration par rapport à une mesure de Radon vectorielle published in Annales de l'Institut Fourier [1]. His advi-sor was Laurent Schwartz, a Fields medalist, whose best known achievement is the foundation of the(More)
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